Saturday, 5 November 2011

Lalala.. It's year end.. Reflections and Planning TiMe

We will bid adieu to 2011 very soon. During this time, some of us will be very busy planning and budgeting for 2012, some will be busy preparing for Christmas. This is also the time where most of us reflect on what we have achieved. I will be very busy during this time. In fact, it is very common for us who work in audit firm but I do get to take long break during Christmas which I am looking forward. FY2011 had been a great year for me. I have achieved a lot, from getting a place with my brother in our hometown, finally completing the ACCA program and of course, moving to Singapore. Oh yeah, I also manage to have a nice break in Chengdu too.

I will be expecting more in FY2012. I am thinking and also setting some goals.. but before I can really focus on that.. I have some other concerns. I have a few reportings to be completed by January. Kind of stress...I mean I am new to all the assignments.. but I never imagine that all my team mates are as new as I am.  Haha.. I am also getting to know more about my office and also the job that I am assigned with (let’s just start with one first.. J). But I am still not feeling part of them yet.. as I keep saying that I am from Deloitte. Must I change that or can I somehow have both Deloitte and Mazars’ characters in m.  I dunno.. that’s why I am hoping that when the firm assigned each of us with mentor or counselor, mine will be someone who loves the firm. I have also been unable to focus because I am still looking to find a better accommodation. I need a place nearer to my office and city. Last but not least, I must start thinking about the interior of my place in Ipoh!!!

Need more time… and I guess, I should end now.. coz I need to get back to work..


Saturday, 22 October 2011


I have already started out in the new firm for more than a month. And like my years in Deloitte, I am always early to work (just to avoid the traffic and because I dun like to be late). Some of my new colleagues are also as early as I am or even earlier. But I can hardly believe that some partners are as early as us too and they are also very courteous.

For the last 2 months, I have less workload. Guess it's because the peak will only start in the coming month and the changes of structure within the firm. During this time and even now..I am trying to learn and get the best out from the new audit software. I am not sure why I still cannot used the tools well. Wondering if the tools sucks or I lack exposure/experience using it (I have only get the chance to used part of the tools for one of the engagement…haha.. and I have only started to used more recently) and even maybe I compare too much with Deloitte’s software. I hope that I will get used to the system and be master of it. 

Oh yeah.. I will always walk by Starbucks whenever I go to the office and I will usually be tempted to get myself a nice cup of coffee. Alternatively, I will make a cup of coffee in my office.

Well.. the people and the firm had treat me and other newbies well…. by giving us time to adjust (we have been provided with training.. guess we will only need more real experience in using the tools) and also taking time to know bout us.. the newbies in Mazars. So, I want to love Mazars the way I have for Deloitte.

I have attached photos of my new colleagues during the recent gathering held in our adviser's home before signing off.... A nice place and gathering time for us

Saturday, 1 October 2011

안녕 그리고 안녕

It had been some time since I last blog... 

I finally bid farewell to Deloitte Ipoh, the firm that nurture and also plant the seed of love and passion for auditing in me. The last 6 years have been an incredible experience for me. Despite the heavy workload and not to mention, the needs to study and revise for my examination, I will never forget the great time I had working with great and wonderful people that had guide and train me. 

I am a very greedy girl. I wanted much more. I wanted to leave to gain more experience and also to see what the future hold for me outside my very comfortable hometown. With a heavy heart and also fear, I told those who had guided me that I will leave. I was very sad because they are not just my bosses... but they are very much like my family. But I have to choose and so I leave.

After having a long break (I think I deserved that rest), I am finally back to work in audit line. Haha

Honestly, when the firm hired me.. I am pretty worried. I do not know this firm, the people and their environment. I am also very new to the country. I am worried that I will not be able to fit in well. And the fact that I will be apart from my family which I am very very close with, make me even nervous. I told my parents and grandma that I will be fine.. yet.. back then I was pretty scared myself. But I am the one that have chosen this path. 

So, trusting God will continue to guide and watch over me, I came to SG. It's been a month and I am adapting okay.

I will update my blog more frequent since I am alone in this new land

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sushi Oooo

I helped my mum with her Sushi last week. Well, actually both of us were learning through reading from books and recipes. For a start, I think making Sushi is very costly.. because while we do not really need any fancy kitchen equipment, the ingredients were really costly. Also.. very time consuming.

The most important in the process will probably be the Rice (that's my opinion only) and that's the best part too. Pretty simple.. we just need to wash the Japanese short grain white rice clean (I really like the feeling of washing the rice..), leave it for 20 to 30 mins and cook it. Mixing the rice vinegar to the rice after cooking was fun too.

The rice :-)

After washing.....

Before mixing the vinegar...

Going to mix soon...
After mixing :)

After the rice become sticky from the mixing.. we may start making sushi. The process was actually kind of difficult.. We placed the rice on top of the Bamboo Sushi Mat (of course with plastic on top of that mat). This process is not fun.. very sticky and very troublesome (I do not really like it at all). After that, a Nori was place on top of that rice with the filling too. Then.. we roll the rice. 

.. with fillings (1st time)

Mixing a bit before forming the rice

Getting ready to place the rice and fillings

Overall, I have fun helping out (although I play with the camera too). The whole process was like 2 hours plus (maybe because we are still new and the rolling things is not easy too)



Mummy with all the sushi

Upnext.. Soya bean

Monday, 4 July 2011


I am not really a fan of writing... so, I have never considered blogging before. But my 3 other siblings had their own blogs to share their views (frankly speaking, I really do not understand how they have the energy to write after their very long day). What more, I am currently on a long leave after 6 years of working (very long hours and practically everyday with exceptions on my study breaks where I will be studying, sleeping and loitering). Guess the best way to used the time will probably be blogging since I have nothing much to do. You see, it's pretty bored doing nothing. For a while, the fact that I need not work sound fun (I really enjoyed the long sleeps, the many mags and other read materials and not forgetting catching up on old tv series) but after a while, I grew tired of it. I am thinking how to utilise the hours. One of the way I managed to figure out is I shall help my mother with her cooking....